So to continue on this exhibition streak, I went to see this very high talked about PS1, which a newish annexe of Moma. I ended up being neighbour to them without realising, they are located near Long Island City which is very close to Queens. I heard they sometime have wonderful exhibits, however when I went I didn’t find it all mesmerising. Anyhow there were some interesting bits that I photographed and wanted to share with you.

IMG_5913Again another of the incredible skyline that I never seem to get tired of… Sorry for the million of the same picture on different light and time of the day, can’t help myself!IMG_5893 IMG_5892 IMG_5885 IMG_5894 IMG_5895 IMG_5897 IMG_5899 IMG_5904William Kentridge Stair Procession 2000

Those stairs were just so unexpected and wonderful spent ages photographing every angle and was just loving it! Such a great place for it, I love the grid mixed with figure holding things up and down the stairs.  IMG_5909 IMG_5908Wael Shawky Cabaret Crusades

Those two works I just found them so wonderfully in their composition and colours but so effective and beautiful.

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