Raf Simons for Dior

Breathtaking collection! Raf Simons first collection for Christian Dior, is so simply gorgeous and sublime there is no words to describe it!

I means it is such a contrast from what John Galliano sensibility and vision for Dior was. I am completely in love with all the new collection from Raf Simons. It’s like he went back to simplicity and let the clothes do the talking. And obviously it’s all about the silhouette, what Christian Dior was all about in the first place.

I love the prints used on the strapless gowns too, looks like a painting. The colours are wonderfully timeless and chic, look at the bright red, and yellows. And to start with a tuxedo shaped after Dior’s iconic Bar jacket as the first look was brilliant. It’s one of the most distinctive silhouettes in fashion, and makes such an impact to start the show like that.

It’s official, this collection is my favourite of all, sorry for the millions pictures. I have to start saving now to get a piece of those.

Photos from Style.com

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