In total bliss today, worked like completely crazy until getting to the point of resentment and utter tiredness, and today finally I am off and not just for today but 4 days! hey! I can finally live in my pyjama, wander around the house with some lovely film on (been recording like mad all these films on Christmas day, boxing day, new year’s day, yes was working on all those precious day, (well expect Christmas obviously) and felt like I was missing out!) or listen to some lovely music drink lots and lots of tea, draw, cook and well enjoy being off really!

So today I drew my beautiful bouquet of flowers my friend gave me the other day. And will do some Pilates in a moment and later will cook a lovely mushroom soup with some barley in it (apparently barley is nutritious, and breaks down fat in the body! amazing will eat that everyday! well joking of course…).

So anyway, I decided to share with you (well mum? my current faithful reader, and maybe… anyone else out there…) my flowery drawings in their raw forms. I will try to make a lovely delicate print out of them later on.  voila.

enjoy xx



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