I was away in France for the last few days, with no computer so no blogging… (sorry!) It was a nice get away before the crazy season ahead of me, Christmas!

Autumn is in full swing, and I love how this season transform our environment so drastically especially with stunning colours. I took this photo in my mom’s house in Paris, I love the contrast of the colours, it’s looks like a carpet. I love all the variation of shades in red and yellow so beautiful.

One colour popping everywhere this Autumn is this deep burgandy colour almost like a red wine kind of colour or a fallen Autumn leaf.

It’s everywhere! look at Garance post too, it’s all about burgandy.

Anyhow, last night I was wondering in Westfield in a bid to find a new dress for the Christmas party coming up. I felt I wanted to reward my self as I have lost now 6 kilos, and wanted something cool and sexy to wear for the party.

I went to Zara, H&M and ended up in Topshop, somehow I could not find any decent dress. In Topshop Although lots of things does look kind of cool, you realise every dress is a mini and kind of expensive for what it is. I started to feel tired and old in their store. I am not a teenager or in my early 20’s anymore and I want something more special! Wondering in the tall section, (being tall…) I kind of fell into the denim section. And then I thought, I do have lots of very nice dresses (that I can fit in now when before I couldn’t) but I tend to wear the same pair of trousers or jeans over and over and over (ok you get the picture) until they collapse (the trousers obviously) and I have to go on another crusade of finding a good pair that fits me.

So yesterday a Miracle happen!

This tiny pair actually fits me!

It’s in a beautiful shade of burgandy, but with this silly london weather it is hard to photograph it properly so you see the actual colour.

I love it ! it’s a stretch skinny with comfortable fit while looking so colourful at the same time. I also like the fact that it is high waisted. Meaning it is very flattering, you can wear with cute top and some heels and you are ready to go out in the evening, or with a simple jumper and some converse or boots it still looks good too. Easy fashion, that’s what I like.

So I reviewed my idea of party dress, and decided a pair of jeans is a lot more useful.

Voila, will be wearing it all weekend trust me!


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