Reinaldo Lourenço

So as I am moving to Brazil, I need to get a lot more acquainted with the local brands there and I thought why not share it here.  Some of the brands I knew already like this one today but there were quite a few new brands I never heard of, I was very excited to discover. One of the strength of Brazil fashion is colour and prints and summer clothes in general. São Paulo Fashion week went by just recently and it was for Fall 2016. So here are a few (because there is a lot of brands!!) of my favourites and the ones I felt the most interest and love towards it.

The first and foremost here is Reinaldo Lourenço a well established and very well known designer is Brazil. He has a son who is called Pedro Lourenço and has had a lot of success very early on in Brazil and abroad.

Coming back to this collection, he shared that his inspiration came from a trip he did in Portugal and looking at portuguese tiles and colour combination.  I just loved this collection, such wonderfully feminine  silhouette and beautiful colours, so wearable. I just love those striped dresses that opens and become alive when you move. I love the bell sleeves too so fun and elegant! Just want to wear it all!_A2X0219 _A2X0312 _A2X0342 _A2X0399 _A2X0457 _A2X0483 _A2X0638 _A2X0820 _A2X0972 _A2X1027 _A2X1063 _A2X1130 _A2X1158 _A2X1190 _A2X1235Photos from Vogue Runway

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