In today’s post I want to reflect on my journey and express my feelings more openly.

I am finally going to Rio for good to move and to start my new life! Can not wait any longer!!!


Since the end of February 2015, (OH MY GOD! just realized that now!) I have left my London life (a year almost! CRAZY!!!).

2015 has been a year of taking lots of scary decisions for my life, and taking courageous steps towards achieving my dreams.

I am now in Brazil, when the country isn’t in it’s best shape, (but which country is ?)

Most people questions my decision, or is at least surprised for me to be moving at sure time; normally that doesn’t affect me as much.

Most time I trust my judgment. But recently it has bothered me. Maybe I am more sensitive that usual, and I also have lots of fear inside of me, but at the same time I really feel it is the right thing for my life to grow and the right place for me to be.

This whole moving period has been a bit more complicated than I thought. Right now I am still in Belo Horizonte with my family and I am kind of discovering my family for the first time and knowing everyone’s as I am staying for much longer than I ever did before.

It’s a completely new journey for me, as I have never really completely lived here in Brazil. I have come many times but always visiting or traveling. Living is obviously a total new experience for me, and to be fair I haven’t yet experienced just quite.

But I have had plenty of life experiences. Living in London has been a tremendously hard and rich experience for me to grow as a person that I am today.

I had also a very small glimpse of New York and living there (trust me it’s hardcore! But amazing equally…) and obviously I was raised in Paris. Paris is my hometown and eternal home. But weirdly I never felt like I belong there.

I am Parisian in a sense but I had always dreamed of leaving it to another more exotic place or city. Going back to Paris now is a lot more enjoyable to visit and stay than it was for me living there.

Starting this new journey here in Rio de Janeiro the city I was born and never lived is quite daunting and exciting at the same time. I am not sure where it’s going to take me, but I will definitely enjoy the ride!

Let’s see where Rio is taking me next and I want to share it here with you on the blog.

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