Are you a winter Girl?

I haven’t been very up to date with you guys. I had a friend over from London and went to do all those touristy things to do Paris (in a freezing cold!) Worked a lot on my new project of my scarf collection, got my hair cut (quite short actually a little bob…) and spent as much time as possible with my mommy. Also I stubbled upon this article/illustration in the French Elle (1february 2013, the one with Ines de la Fressange on the cover). Made me laugh so loud I had to share it with you.

Well for those you can’t read french is my tentative translation…

Are you a winter girl?

from the first image on the right to the left

You cry when you see your flip flop in your wardrobe.

You can not stand the smell of la raclette (a french winter dish with strong cheese)

You put the heater to 28 degrees

Your skin turned green (a shade of bidet)

Your gloves stops you to drive elegantly

You stoped to wax (I keep my fur)

You start to look like Neil Armstrong

You measure 1,10m you swapped your Louboutin for your UGGs

You sleep like a pestle. (stop moving I can feel the cold)

You are all the time sick pretty with a beautiful voice (a voice with a cold)

You are now drinking 7 litres of tea per day (I live in the toilets Yes hello?)

Your teeth are playing castanets (cla cla cla cla it’s freezing cla cla…)

You are hibernating (see you in May)

You have taken 10 kilos (two crepes with a very hot hot chocolate please!)

You became a onion

No, you are more a Cruise Collection !

I mean it works better in French but found it so relevant to what we are feeling at the moment. Will share with you more of my scarfs later with you.



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