Saint Pierre

enjoying too much my holidays, I haven’t been doing much online at all.

I have instead enjoyed way too much to sun bath (and end up with bunt red legs…) to read my book (my tome of Anna Karenina), read some vogue magazines, do some watercolours in the garden, cook & eat and sleep until 12pm almost everyday! well it’s been total bliss so far.

The weather has been fabulous too, and “a vrai dire” exceptional… and we have been enjoying it a lot (my legs especially).

I have still managed to do a little bit for my scarves, stuff like type some of the inside cards to put with each scarf, been making also some envelopes to wrap each one.

I also finished to rework each design of each scarf so they are ready to be printed… anyway today I wanted to share with you some holiday snaps of where I am.

IMG_9547 the wonderful view from “la veranda” with a gorgeous sunset.


the beauty of the beach…


the view from my bedroom… sunset again.


shelves full of books and more books…in la Villa St Jean this is just a mere sample of it.



And to finish two little paintings in my mom’s bedroom of the view from the house to the sea. really liked those two.

Now I am left to enjoy my last 2 days of holidays before back to work… sad face right now… Oh well everything comes to an end…


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