Simone Rocha

Ok I know now everyone moved their attention to Milan Fashion week and all, but here I am at another pace, I am actually not such a massif fan of Milan fashion week. I like it but not as much as I look forward to London Fashion week or Paris fashion week.

Anyway going back to Simone, I love this veil wrapping idea, it give another dimension to the girls, well we obviously can think they are brides too. but it add an element of “fragility”, almost like they could be dolls…

Most her collection is either white or black, I love the shape of her skirts, and it is so feminine.

MARC0329.450x675 MARC0341.450x675 MARC0119.450x675 MARC0101.450x675 MARC0357.450x675 MARC0201.450x675

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