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So Friday morning, I had the great luck to go and see the new Tim Walker exhibition, and I do advise everyone to go. It’s free admission too, at the Somerset House. It was amazing I absolutely loved it!


a little poster on the way there, captured on the move (on the escalator) so a bit of a blurry style here.


He has such a beautiful poetry in his work. He apparently never retouch photos on photoshop, everything you see in the picture is there from the day of the shooting.

Another on with the plane prop, love how she is hiding behind the door.

this one was a crazy shoot alright! they covered the existing roof with hay, painted the wood on the front of the house in yellow, painted the surrounding trees in yellow paint and also painted the stones that create the pathway. But then it rained. Everything just got washed away with rain.  So in the end they put up a yellow net across to photograph it all yellow.

Giant skeleton, it was used in for the shoot with Tim Burton. They collaborated on a shoot to recreate the famous characters from Tim Burton’s films. Tim Walker saw somewhere a giant skeleton as an Egyptian symbol to represent death. He like it and decided to also have the giant skeleton for the shoot too.

So there you have it a giant skeleton. I apologise for the reflection you have there.

Giant snail, next to some picture with Karen Elson. Most of his work’s inspiration is streaming from childhood and all that universe.

And of course there is the giant Doll! It took 12 wigs to make the hair and she needed 2 hairdressers on the day of the shoot to get her ready. She is all fully clothed kickers and all! It’s quite impressive!

Alber Elbaz hiding behind a a pink Lanvin dress.

This part is more recent work he did. I started to do more portraits with a white background and use the person as a prop.

Final one is also another portrait he did of the actors from Monty Python. Apparently they didn’t very feel comfortable to be photographed. So Tim gave them little props to play with and also put a cache so they didn’t see they were being photographed. Tim Walker also tend to film also so that he can pick the best moment the best capture in the shoot. In the exhibition there is a little room showing some of the films made. One is from that shoot, it’s hilarious I definitely recommend to see it.


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