Well I don’t know what’s happening to the British summer, but as far as I am concerned, I am mainly looking forward to my holiday in Italy as I most certainly sure the weather will be nice.

As I was stuck in the A & E waiting room on Sunday, I ended up buying the new Elle for August, and as fashion is always decale, (in advance) I was already imagining my new autumn winter wardrobe updates.

I am more a Vogue kind of girl, but once in a while I buy the Bristish Elle, and I really enjoyed their magazine especially the runway edit. I think they are almost better than the Vogue one sometime.


It’s so well made, there is a lot to read, like the beauty section done by city, and visually it’s very playful and to the point.

I find it is very effective in transmiting the key trends and visually it inspire me (well I am excited again about the winter to come again! well not for long trust me! it’s more about the clothes…).


It’s done by City, New York…






And of course Paris.

As well they feature the key trends for next Autumn Winter 2012, apparently 6 major trends for next season are the samurai, the maximalist, the tomboy, the geek, the goth, and the woman. But I am not interested in all of them, so here are the ones I like and how I intend to implement them (or more take some inspiration from them),or incorporate it in my daily life.


This one is a challenge I would like to take on. I want to be more adventurous and go for whahou items more than being too classic. So my top of the list lust item is these Chanel beauties that were on the Autumn Winter 2012-2013 RWT show in Paris.


These are definitely in the maximalist category!


Next is the Tomboy, well it is easy, I have been lusting over and over on the classic Elkington briefcase from Mulberry for months now. I really want it (by the way I opened a saving account for it!) and intend to use it to carry my computer and all my drawing/watercolour gear in it and look at the same time all so stylish and professional!

Elkington from Mulberry Oak Natural Leather £650

This new season is all about the oversized coat, so the second lush item I am gushing about is also from Mulberry, it’s from their brand new collection inspired by were the wild things are.

I am totally in love with their oversized boyfriend coat but as I am not that rich, (well my savings aren’t that big!), I would probably go for the jacket version (and to be honest I have way to many coats and not enough winter jackets!). It’s made from a gorgeous soft furry alpaca and the truffle colour is to die! But it comes in black as well.

Boyfriend Jacket from Mulberry
Truffle Alpaca Blend

Boyfriend Jacket from Mulberry
Black Alpaca Blend


The Geek is for me not to be afraid, to basically go for it, wear big hats, glasses, pleats and all over prints… which is second nature to me…

Well tried to put it in a bigger size but failed, so there you have me trying to do the geek look, actually i wasn’t really trying, I know I am just one.

And finally The Woman, she is an empowered woman full of energy and confidence, ready to live life to the full. Don’t we all want to be this woman?



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