Show your support for UK production and wear your new knickers with pride!

I have been watching Mary’s Bottom line, on Channel 4 and I really want a pair of those knickers now! I have so far only been able to find them on Liberty’s website.

Will send you a picture when they arrive! So far Liberty said the delivery time will take longer than normal as they are in high demand! That is so nice though. I think Mary Portas is completely right and I really support her ideas. She is an inspiration, and she is one of my role models. She is so full of energy and has such passion. That’s what we need in these difficult times. I feel it is time we believe in ourselves and just go for it. We can achieve anything if we just put our mind and soul into what we believe.

I was already a fan of her Charity shop on Westbourne grove, and when I moved out of my now old flat in Notting hill, (that shop was so close to my old flat, will miss that shop…) I did clear out a lot of things in my wardrobe and gave it to them.

I think I will still make the trip to go there, to that lovely shop, but now it will be better because I will go when my bank account is in better state than at the end of the month (let’s be honest after the first week of payday really…). Because every time I go there I somehow get my hands on the most amazing finds that it is hard to resist. I found the most beautiful necklace from Mawi (by the way the price was twice reduced a bargain really!). It’s actually one of my mom’s favourite necklace now; I found a beautiful pair of red Yves Saint Laurent sandals that I wore to my cousin’s wedding picture to follow, and a beautiful black pleplum crepe Jacket from John Rochas picture under the shoes…

Look at these beauties, but they are quite high though I was wearing flip flop at the end of my cousin’s wedding.

found this old photo of me trying on that jacket was looking for my Christmas party outfit at the time. I am wearing an old All Saints Dress I got in the sale, and some black suede Diane Von Furstenberg shoes I got at some sample sale.

I mean it’s almost the cave of Ali Baba.

Well good on you Mary, I will get my hand on those Knickers and wear them proudly (even though I am not British, and it seems I can’t spell knickers properly)

The top two photos are taken from Liberty’s website.

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