tea time

Been quite busy lately, but last weekend on my way home, I walked passed a really sweet Oxfam store, with a nice little window display. As I had to wait for the bus anyway (and the bus stop is right next door) I popped in for a quick look. I found this great cd on the greatest hits of Edith Piaf (that now I know most on them by heart, been listening non-stop!). But found this sweet tea pot for £4! So happy been looking a new tea pot for a few months now, can’t find one with a strainer, but this one had one and works fine!

In the pictures, you have my beautiful new teapot (and much loved!) and my posh tea cup my friend gave few years ago. And a beautiful and delicious Jasmine tea from a small shop off New Bond street. It’s called tea postcard (is it? can’t remember any more), on 9 Derring Street W1S. They do the most beautiful tea with a very high quality in amazing packaging.

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