The inspiration behind the screen.

Here is a the inspirations behind the prints,

So in the order in the video you can see the first print I did came from this bowl,Then the second print is obvious.Then you have Pocahontas well sounds a bit cliché but yes the film was on and it gave the idea to draw her but I will probably get in trouble with Disney so might not continue although she looks like a bad version of a cowgirl Pocahontas.

The fourth one was made after watching too much Jumanji.
Then the firth one was inspired by work seen at Victoria and Albert museum. And picked up few interesting postcard of prints.

Then some more cats.

Then this print was inspired by the print on this LK Bennett dress.

And the 8th is taken inspiration with this chocolate advert, seems Easter inspiration is always kinda good.

And the last one is a more crazy and flashy version of the LK Bennett dress print.

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