tree, what a tree!

Ok in the height of the fashion week, I am putting tree up, well that’s my life. Not like Garance, Bryan Boy or all these high profile blogger. In the end I am not a fashion blogger like the others, I create something else, well drawings, (well ok a bit like Garance, she was an illustrator when she started her blog) and ( by the way in other side line I carried my whole shebang of watercolours and all but did not draw or paint once while in Sicily… a bad print designer I am … in my defence did loads of photos, that will bore you with, ok no more entre les parentheses ) ho well I am a fine art person (an artist, sorry can’t help it!) and create prints for hopefully more people soon, (embarking on a personal more client campaign) anyway enough non sense talking there you have it.

Me by the crazy big tree in a little garden on piazza Marina.

My mom by the tree posing, as she doesn’t like to be photographed so she is not showing her face. (she says she doesn’t know how to smile in front of the camera, a bit like Victoria Beckham non?)

look at the size! we stayed forever it that little garden (who will soon by outgrown by those giant trees!)

a detail? look at the size of the trunk ! (ps wearing an old (vintage? got it at Chirstmas 6 or 7 years ago… and my columbian bag that my friend Stephan brought back from his trip there, all pink.)

Funny my mom is all pink too just now uploading the photos I am realising. she is kind of posing again, but she is trully wearing a vintage dress I think her antie wore in the 60/70?.. can’t remember exactly, (well she will probably tell me tomorrow as she is coming to London tomorrow for an business meeting and sleeping at mine.) she is also wearing some Mui Mui moccasins, and forgot what her bag is from will ask her tomorrow too.

bonne nuit  xxx


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