tricot or Knitting for english speakers

So Christmas is approaching very fast, the weather is wet, not as cold as it should but we can’t complain.

And while in Paris I started to knit my first ever jumper! look at this extraordinary jumper! (well to me it is!) I am still astonished and surprised at my abilities to complete it… so proud and satisfied!



My french grand-mother is “the” expert knitter in the family and has been making jumper and everything for all the family since forever really. Now she decide she can’t be bothered, it’s take too much time she says and I think she doesn’t find the energy any longer. She is old now and cares for my grand father so it is difficult. She is an perfectionist so I gave up the idea of knitting anything but squares in her presence. Because if there is any slight error in my knit she just grabs off my hands and undo everything I was making the last fews hours. So for many years (probably 4 or 5) I have been knitting square in front of the telly in the winter of course, and I love it as I find it so relaxing.

Everything changed this November while in Paris, my mom is taking up knitting too, and with her help and of my Ant (who is very good with sewing knitting embroidery… you get the idea) and my mom new knitting book, I set my self the challenge of starting my first ever jumper!

And I loved every minute of it!

I would relish any free home time to seat with a nice cup of tea any telly distraction, and my jumper knitting task. I obviously would have never been finished without the help of Youtube too.

I was talking to my friend last night and she told me she love quilt making and youtube saved her life too! We were thinking how was life without youtube before? I mean a disaster! Anyway with youtube I finished my gilet two days ago. I am wearing everyday now.


Here another shot of my gilet. So the tragic result is now I am addicted! I was home on friday and very sad as I didn’t have a new knitting project… no way I am going back to square making again!

So yesterday I braved the Christmas mayhem of Oxford Circus, not quite sure how I came back alive, but managed to land in Liberty (double point event too!) and bought myself a little knitting book (looks a lot more complicated than that french one my mom had, english knitting books don’t like picture apparently) and new balls to make another jumper!

I already started last night, after I got over the frustration of not understanding a single word of this english knitting book, and with lots of help from youtube I made my first rib border.

I was a bit scared I got a bit over myself with a much harder jumper to knit, but I followed the sound advice of the lovely sale person in the haberdashery, who said don’t do something too easy do something that challenges you a bit so you can learn in the process. She reassured me as well that if I was at any time stuck I could come to her at Liberty and she would help me. How lovely I love Liberyty… So here to finish a picture of me wearing my gilet and off to cook and more knitting to follow.

me gilet

2 thoughts on “tricot or Knitting for english speakers

  1. Ange querida… adorei ver a foto do colete de tricot no seu blog!!
    Muito orgulho mesmo, pois eu vi ele nascer, crescer, so não vi ele pronto!! Agora sim… vi e fiquei encantada! Você é persistente e muito jeitosa, além de ter um gosto incrivel. Continue seus trabalhos manuais… você vai longe!! Muitos beijos!!! Carmen

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