From my wardrobe, things I cherish

Ok first I applogise for the quantities of photographs, but I decided today to share few of my favourite things that I cherish dearly from my wardrobe.

This little Alligator handbag, is a vintage piece, it was purchased in Paris, I think when I was 16 years old. I got it in a street market where people sell what they have from their attic usually. We stubbled upon this market by accident, and I found this bag and begged my mom to get it for me. It only cost €20, but my mom was a bit reluctant to get it. However she did, and I remember really well going to New York with it (on holiday obviously) and pretending to be Holly Golightly, from Breakfast at Tifanny’s.

This sweet necklace came back from my last trip in Brazil, I recall really well that it was at the time of the Royal wedding (William & Kate), and I loved that necklace so much. However I did get a lot of comment because being the time of the Royal wedding. But it is Cindrella’s slipper’s there.

This necklace came from another trip, but this time in Sicily, I also got that one on a market and again my mom haggle a good price for this Coral necklace. Later in the trip my mum and I realised we got actually a really good price on this piece. As she told me after that the coral pieces are really long on this necklace and it must be a vintage one, as all the new coral now is much shorter (well the ones we could find, as there isn’t much left apparently, well that not for sure but that’s what we heard and understood later), as my mom tried to get one for herself, and we could not find one of this quality.

These little pendents mean a lot to me. They both come from my two grand mothers, who both of them are quite religious and catholic. These specific pendents comes from a little church/ chapel, next to Le Bon Marche in Paris. Both of my grand-mothers when they came to Paris (not together or at the same time), they went to this church and each of them bought me this pendent as a little present. So I wear it even though I am not catholic. It reminds me of them both.

This necklace, (last one I promise) comes from Brazil from the streets of Paraty, a small old colonial city in the state of Rio de Janeiro (very beautiful you must go there!). I went there on my last trip too, and with my mother too. We were strolling one evening in the streets, and saw this indien lady selling lots of these. They were all handmade and made up of things from the trees, grains and things like that. They were so beautiful, if I could I would have bought all of them. This particular one is made with a grain from a tree that is call Pau Brasil. The grains are naturally that red colour. I have several necklaces made from it, but this one is my most cherished one for sure.

Those two little clutches were both given to me by my mother. Like me she love vintage things and I noticed recently she really love vintage handbags. The first black one she actually made it herself when I think she was a teenager. So it was passed down to me. I used to play so much with it when I was little. The cream one, she gave it to me when I was 19, it’s vintage too although I am not sure where it comes from.

Finally my new treasured possession is this book I received for my previous birthday, a beautiful catalogue of the Van Cleef Arpel exhibition that took place at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris. I went back in February on a very cold snowy day. It was breath takingly beautiful to see so many stunning things, you left kind of sad and half dreaming too. We couldn’t buy the catalogue at the time as it was sold out. I found it on Amazon and I will cherish it very much all my life. So with this I leave you (and will to go to sleep in a minute) with some images from the book.

Bonne nuit xx

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