What do you do after a break up ?

Oh yes the holly grail of shoe!

Well after that phase where you can’t seem to control what’s goes in your mouth, and that other phase when you shop dangerously too enthusiastically, you start to take your life (& social life) into your own hands and start being yourself again slowly, slowly.

So anyway all of this so say, I purchased my first Manolo Blahnik! I know, I can’t believe it myself!

Oh and I forgot to mention too much viewing of many Sex & the City episodes can affect you a bit…

And by the way I did feel a bit like Carrie though, leaving Liberty balancing my carrier bag in the air and walking lightly with a huge grin on my face, she always seems to repeat this kind of behaviour when she shoe shop (especially the one episode where her international party girl friend offers to pay for her fluffy pair of Dolce and Gabbana, it’s season 1 episode 5, The power of female sex)

Anyway, there are the most beautiful things ever! Vicky said they will get ruined as soon as I go out but I don’t care because I deserve nice beautiful shoes like that and I am building a collection you see. (Well that’s my other cheeky argument…)
It runs in my family, my dad collects old (vintage) post cards (he has loads of folders full of them & spends hours organising them) and my mother collects many fashion things like scarves and handbags. Well as you guessed I am into shoes, beautiful shoes and I like to collect them and arrange them nicely in my wardrobe. I suppose we all have a secret collection of some sort somewhere. I do also collect nail vanishes (a cheaper collection to start to be honest) and lipstick, gosh I do sound a bit too girly with collections in shoes lipstick and vanishes It seems like I can’t handle a conversation…

Hopefully this long story will prove you wrong. (and hopefully my mother will never read this post) cause you know it doesn’t seem like a good way on paper to recover from a 5 year relationship. … I have no idea what I just said, but to hell with it I am happy with my new shoes and they will be my prized possession to wear on my birthday party soon…

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