What is left

Decided to blog about beautiful things I already have in my wardrobe instead of shopping for a change (as all my money is kind of gone anyway might as well focus on what I have instead of spending more..).

So after this long unclear explanation, what I basically decided to do is to re-organise my shoe wardrobe and re-discovered all the beautiful things I have. I though I would share it with you.By the way I might expand that concept into my bathroom cabinet (messy too, might as well tidy all the way) so you will probably get another post on beauty stuff too…

So here is a show case of some of my gorgeous shoes… I also kind of thought it would be fun to play with each pair and a prop, and create a little visual together.

Hope you like it.

I used to be a lot more into Miu Miu, but now I grew a bit tired of it all.

These were a present, and they are so cute and sweet.

These are of course the beautiful Roger Vivier escarpin, that were for my 25th birthday! Such extraordinary shoes, I save them only for special occasions… I LOVE them!!!

One of my favourite one out of them all !

Sweet classic party shoes (cause quite high for every day life really) from Diane Von Furstenberg

Quite a new addition from a Sample sale, got quite a good price for them I think…

these poor beauties have suffered mud and lots more and they are my favourite pair of Miu Miu too.

I had so many good memories with theses…

Ok I have to be honest these are quite uncomfortable, but there are so full of drama and cool, and there were obviously Jimmy Choo for H&M.

These were found by a mere Miracle, I can’t believe I am sharing this with you, but I found them in an amazing Charity shop for Save the Children, on Westbourne Grove. It’s the one that Mary Portas did the concept store. I only allow myself to go in when I know I have a bit of money I know I can spend otherwise it’s problematic.

It’s amazing the things I found in that shop!

These shoes are Yves Saint Laurent and they are my exact size! I went in to see if I could find a little present for someone and ended up getting these for me. It always happens isn’ it? You can find really good jewelry there too.

I feel bad now as most these shoes are from older collections and can’t be bought any more.

However I did intend to write this post as an inspiration, to start appreciates what you have and stop lusting (that’s quite hard isn’t it?) on things you don’t necessarily need.

I feel it’s time to really treasure the special pieces that creates your wardrobe.  I love looking at all these shoes, as there are all so full of memories and stories. And ok I kind of love showing off my wardrobe to others too!


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