What to do on a Sunday night ?

So I know I haven’t been very good on keeping up to date with the blog, anyway decided to keep it short and sweet.

Last week, I got into a bit of a panic mode when I realised the Christmas party is fast approaching…

I have 2 (yes TWO) Christmas party to attend, (I love to say 2 as last year I had none so it’s an improvement) and I started to have that very natural moment of “Ho my God I have nothing to wear!”

I also started to freak out when I discovered that everyone was going all out with their outfits for the party…

So I decided I was going to splurge on one item that can be worn with everything, making the rest of my outfit look cool and effortless. As well it also needs to be a chameleon piece in the wardrobe and for all the many parties…

And yes you guessed it! It’s the SEQUIN GOLD JACKET!

These photos are really what do you do on a Sunday night in your bathroom and you can’t be bothered to get your proper camera out so the IPhone is always here to help to show off your new purchase.

It’s amazing how this jacket makes everything look pulled together.

I am literally just wearing a simple black t-shirt (and my pyjama pants) and it looks great non?

Also I am a bit clueless with how to take a decent photo with the iPhone and with the reflection of the mirror, so underneath you have a slightly better picture.

Enjoy! and by the way the jacket is by Zara.

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