I know I have been avoiding you

well I started to be in a work routine now, and I haven’t been very good with the blog I know!, well anyway I am now trying to make up for it.

So this week my new hunt, is some work shoes…I have to now wear a uniform (which is weird for me) and I am not very much used… I have been told off to wear those shoes here…


my currently work shoes, Marc Jacobs bought back in July 2006.

Quite old but comfy enough for work and looks quite pulled together.

So now I feel it is time to invest in some new decent black SHOES!! (well I have been told everything must be black, black tights and obviously shoes.. )

It is always a very good excuse and I will use it very much as my main argument, it’s for work you know.. blabla…

So here are my contenders:

My first choice is from Gwendolyn Carrie the Victoria court real snake leather, reminiscent of Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, a 75mm hour-glass heel, Price £403



My second choice is from Rupert Sanderson the Verity pumps, Black Nappa leather, Mid Heel 80mm, £375.00

Made of the finest Nappa leather. Comfortable round toe black leather pumps.



there you have it!


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